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I offer free swarm removal so call any time any day. I also offer bee removal from buildings and vehicles on the property.
Call (518) 853-3164 for pricing. We do come out immediately to handle swarms and unwanted bees from buildings and vehicles.
A swarm of honey bees is one of the most awesome natural sights you may ever witness. Honey bees naturally swarm to ensure their survival. Swarming bees can be a very scary sight to most people though. There are potentially 20,000 stinging insects on your property. Most people I know that have seen swarms want them removed immediately before anyone is stung. Well you can relax. Swarms don't tend to sting as their primary goal is to find a new home. Now this is where you should be concerned. You don't want their new home to be YOUR HOME. If they establish a colony in your walls, or attic you may start to hear them buzzing. Also you may start to notice honey oozing from your walls. If you think you can just grab a can of "Raid" to kill them, you will have dead honey bees rotting in your walls causing a bad smell. Along with the bad smell comes bacteria and you will still have honey that will start to ooze into your walls. The best thing to do is call while they are swarming as removal is free. If they have already established a home in your home, don't panic. Call and we will come out and remove the colony from your home and help you ensure they don't come back.

Pricing to remove bees from your home will vary. Possible home repairs will be required once the bees are removed.

Poorly pollinated fruits and vegatables generally means you will have poorly developed fruits and vegatables or none at all.
There are many types of bees that will pollinate crops for you. These include bumblebees, Masonbees, Carpenterbees, all of which are excellent pollinators, so you may think to yourself why use honeybees and why pay for pollination service.
Well the answer is because we can assure you that over 30,000 honeybees per colony will be set in the close proximity of your crop that needs to be pollinated.
The following is a list of crops and number of hives recommended for adequate pollination.
Apples 1.2 hives per acre
BlueBerries 4 hives per acre
Cantelope 2.4 hives per acre
Cucumber 2.1 hives per acre
Squash 1 hives per acre
Watermelon 1.2 hives per acre
Cranberries 2 hives per acre
This data was taken from Dr. Delaplaine et al. 1994, Pollination of Georgia crop plants. CES Bulletin 1106.

I offer pollination services to any and all crop farmers who need pollination. We require a signed contract. Call us on availability of hives for pollination. Call for pricing (518) 853-3164.

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