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Honey Facts and FAQs

Honey is considered a low glycemic food source, but studies have shown that honey is well digested and performs as well as high glycemic index carbohydrates during exercise. You may ask yourself why does this matter?? Well the answer is it should matter. As most other sports related energy gels, and post recovery gels and powders are created in a lab, Honey is 100% natural!!

Uses of Honey

Honey can replace your everyday table sugar. When substituting honey for cane sugar in recipes use 1 cup of honey per 1 1/4 cup of sugar. This is due to honey having more sweetening power than cain and beet sugar. Also you use 1/4 cup less water per 1 cup of honey for the recipe. This will adjust the amount of water in your recipe for the water that is in the honey.
You will also want to consider the different tastes of different honey. For example if you have Orange blossom honey you want to use it in a recipe that goes with orange flavor. You want to beat the honey in longer than you would sugar and when baking with honey add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda for each cup of honey used and lower the temperature by 25 degrees. !!

Why Local Honey?

You can find less expensive honey in the supermarket, however buyer beware. Much of what is sold in supermarkets come from China or South America. Neither of which have our chemical usage regulations or sanitation requirements for food handling. Also a few distributors are blending honey with corn syrup to bring the cost of honey down. When you buy our honey, not only is it produced entirely in the U.S.A., but it is produced entirely in the Kansas City area. That means you are buying 100% locally produced honey. Studies have shown that locally produced honey is great for those who suffer from pollen allergies. This is due to the tiny amount of pollen still in the honey after extracting it. So when you consider the health benefits and the taste of locally produced honey over imported honey from other countries, the increased price is well worth it.

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