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Our Honey is some of the best honey you will ever taste. All 100% local Honey in Leather Stocking Region New York. Cream honey AKA whipped honey is 100% honey that goes through a careful process so the nutrients are not altered. Our flavored creamed honey is made with the best quality natural ingredients we can find from local businesses. The proper storage of creamed honey is simply to leave it on the counter.
2lbs Jar $16.00 - $18.00
The 2lbs jar is our most popular size.
24oz Bear $10.75
This is perfect for those who are more than the occasional honey consumer who likes to have mess free honey container.
1lbs Glass Jar $8.10 - $9.10
This is the perfect for kitchen table.
12oz Bear $5.50
It is small and convienant with the Hi Flo pouring spout. It is the perfect size for kids to use.
Comb Honey is now available. Price is $11.00 per box. 4oz Container $0.00 Pollen is not available at this time.
16oz Container $9.25 flavored, $8.50 for regular
Cream honey flavors are as follows: CranBerry, BlackBerry, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Lemon, Chocolate (think toostie rolls), Plain
Honey FAQs or Facts? Check out the link "Honey Facts" which is from the National Honey Board Athletes take notice

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